July 13, 2024


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Why is Namibia Never in the News?

Why is Namibia Never in the News?

Read the following:

Food Crisis in Niger, AIDS in Uganda, Somali Journalists Are Assaulted and Jailed, Shaky Rule in Madagascar Threatens Tress.

These are the top New York Times news headlines for Africa.

Pretty depressing huh?

Did you notice that none of them are about Namibia? So why is Namibia never in the news?

Here are just a few of the more obvious reasons:

– In many respects, colonialism was a huge benefit to modern Namibia. Colonialism built many of the SCHOOLS children are taught in today.

– Colonialism built many of the ROADS, paved and gravel, both of which are in excellent condition and regularly maintained to the point the Fishing Industry’s main port at Walvis Bay links with the Trans-Caprivian Highway connecting with Central Africa and its many countries (Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, to name just a few).

– The WATER is potable, thus can be drunk in over 90% of the country, a huge benefit in maintaining a healthy population.

– ELECTRICITY is prevalent and powered by Namibia’s own power plants.

– Crime is LOW.

– Located between two of the world’s oldest deserts makes the arid environment a perfect ingredient to MINIMIZE diseases such as cholera, typhoid, malaria, and yellow fever – Again helping maintain a healthy population.

– Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate the PROTECTION of the ENVIRONMENT into the constitution, thus eliminating future issues in that topic and making it a place home to more animals than people!

– Since its Independence in 1990, the country has remained stable, GROWN productive, and peacefully elects heads of state every five years.

– The government HAS A GOAL properly named “Vision 2030” in which it aims to have Namibia’s Industrial sector competing with the 1st world, its population increased to 3 million, and its population educated and skilled in the work force.

So I ask again, why is Namibia never in the news?

An old wise man once said “plan for the future by first building a solid foundation.”

To building that solid foundation.