August 10, 2022


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Will Insurance Cover Bariatric Lap-Band Surgery?

Bariatric Lap-Band surgery is one of the safest surgeries to help with weight loss, but it can also be expensive too (as with most any type of surgery). For this reason, many insurances (such as Blue Cross (in some states), Humana, One Health, Medicaid, First Health, Tufts Health Plan, United Healthcare, Oxford Health Plan, and American Family Insurance) have been known to cover for bariatric care. If covered, insurances will either cover for complete care or partial care.

If you are not covered by your insurance company, it may not hurt to talk to your employer. Lots of times it is the employer that decides what will or will not be covered for their employees. It is usually not difficult for an employer to make a change in an employee’s insurance package. It is, however, very difficult for an employee to make a change since it is the employer that purchases the insurance packages in bulk and therefore, already has a deal set up with the insurance company.

Not even bariatric centers can get insurance companies to change a policy that is already written, no matter how qualified the person is for getting a bariatric procedure done. However, it will be much easier for your employer to change your insurance policy if you do qualify for bariatric procedures because of medical reasons.

Even if your insurance won’t cover for bariatric care, there are other options that are usually available. Many centers have “out-of-network” benefits you can take advantage of, and financial plans through third parties that will help allow you to pay. Bariatric centers will generally try to work with you and your financial needs.