April 10, 2021


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With Interest Growing, Kratom Exchange Offers Higher Quality and Lower Prices

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WILMINGTON, N.C. — A close relative of the coffee plant native to...


WILMINGTON, N.C. — A close relative of the coffee plant native to Southeast Asia is attracting attention around the world. After recent appearances on the television show The Doctors and countless testimonials from people struggling with anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and drug dependency, kratom has become one of the most talked-about natural substances in years.

Offering affordable access at to a number of different strains, Kratom Exchange has become a top source for those interested in what the plant can offer. Emphasizing freshness and quality, Kratom Exchange sources its products from farmers who use only all-natural fertilizers and cure it in covered barns that protect the active alkaloids within. With free shipping on purchases of $75 or more and same-day service on every order, Kratom Exchange is the best way to explore an explosively popular phenomenon.

“As someone who struggled with ADD and anxiety for decades, I had begun to lose hope of ever finding relief,” said Kratom Exchange founder Logan James, “After a cocktail of doctor-prescribed medications did nothing but make my symptoms worse, a friend offered some advice that changed my life for the better. Since then, we have gone on to build Kratom Exchange into a special, reliable source for this fascinating plant. We work with only the most capable and responsible farmers to deliver a wide range of fresh kratom varieties to our customers. Our clients can always count on top-quality customer service, fast shipping, and the lowest prices around.”

With a native range that extends from Myanmar and Thailand in the north down through Malaysia and Indonesia to Papua New Guinea at the southeastern end, kratom is an evergreen tree and member of the family that includes coffee. The broad leaves of the kratom tree have been used for centuries in Thailand and other countries in the region, with applications ranging from traditional medicine to casual, informal enjoyment.

In recent years, interest in kratom has been growing rapidly elsewhere in the world, as well. Although no major medical studies have yet tested the claims, an increasing number of personal, anecdotal reports maintain that the substance can assist with everything from recovering from substance dependency to easing feelings of anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.

With many who experiment with the plant obtaining their supplies from local sources that frequently sell stale kratom at inflated prices, Kratom Exchange was founded to address this issue. By offering regularly rotated stocks of a number of top-quality kratom strains at Kratom Exchange makes it easy for anyone to research what the plant might have to offer. With interest now growing even more quickly than in the recent past, buying from Kratom Exchange at is a sure way of saving money and receiving the freshest, highest-quality kratom to be found anywhere.

About Kratom Exchange:
With a wide selection of fresh, top-quality kratom at the lowest prices, Kratom Exchange offers a money-back guarantee and same-day shipping on every order.

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