Rollaway Durable Medical Equipment Supplier Gets 9-Year Sentence


Hard line power wheelchair marketing tactics part of a Medicare fraud scheme.

A fugitive owner of a Los Angeles-based durable medical equipment (DME) company was sentenced to nine years in prison following a more than $1 million power wheelchair fraud case, announced a a Department of Justice press release on march 25.

Owner and operator of Pacific City Group Inc aka Pacific City Medical Equipment) will also serve three years of supervised release following his prison term, pay $526,243 in restitution and $25,000 in fines, and give up more than $526,000 in stolen Medicare funds.

In September 2008, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit health care fraud as well as health care fraud. Since then he has fled and become a fugitive enemy of the government.

If we go by the DOJ, Nwafor submitted $1,109,438 in fraudulent claims to Medicare and as a result bagged $526,243 in payments. All claims were expensive, high-end power wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories that beneficiaries did not require.

The main scheme of Nwafor focused on recruiting beneficiaries through “marketers”, who approached potential recruits on the streets, community events, and at home. A witnessed claimed, the marketers either forced or paid these beneficiaries in order to take out Medicare information and get more referrals. Nwafor billed Medicare for power wheelchairs — at $7,000 each — on behalf of more than 170 beneficiaries who did not use them.

Nwafor and his co-conspirators did a great job to carry out their fundamental scheme. One witness testified that an individual purporting to be from Medicare, but who was actually connected with Nwafor threatened to do away with the Medicare benefits of the beneficiary and her husband unless they accepted two power wheelchairs that the beneficiary and her husband didn’t require.

He also made use of names of LA physicians on fake prescriptions which he portrayed to support his fraudulent claims to Medicare. His accomplice Ajibola Sadiqr had pleaded guilty.

The medicare fraud Strike Force (HEAT) looked after by the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and the US Attorney’s office for the Central District of California, is the reason behind the filing of the case against Nwafor. Since it started in 2007, the agency has gone after more than 500 individuals who have scammed Medicare for a total of around $1.1 billion.…

What Health Problems Are Caused By Mold In Your House?

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Did you know that your health problem may be caused by mold? Mold is commonly found in homes and can cause a number of health problems that you may not be aware of. How can you tell if mold is the cause?

Have you ever noticed that your nose suddenly gets congested when you walk into certain rooms in the house? This is a sign that you might have mold lurking somewhere and it’s getting into your respiratory system.

Mold grows where it is wet, and it produces spores that can get into the air. Most health problems caused by mold involve these spores getting into your lungs.

Stuffiness or a runny nose may be the sign of mold allergy. Another health problem caused by mold is shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing. You may experience asthma-like symptoms even though you do not suffer from asthma.

In some cases, exposure to mold gives people headaches, fevers or skin rash.

Mold also grows on rotten food. You may see mold growing on vegetables that have been around for a while. Cheese may also have mold growing on it. And, we’ve all seen moldy bread before.

If you have moldy food, you should throw it out, of course. If you accidentally eat mold, you are likely to experience a headache or nausea.

For the most part, mold is non-toxic. There are no major long-term health problems caused by mold. However, if you suffer from asthma or chronic sinus problems, mold will be a particular problem for you.

If you have asthma, you will want to avoid mold as much as possible. Mold will aggravate your asthma and bring on attacks. The constant exposure of children with asthma to mold has been shown to have long-term consequences, leading to trouble breathing when they are adults.

If you suffer from sinus trouble, mold will aggravate your sinuses. The symptoms of mold allergy are similar to sinus infections, so it is difficult to determine the exact cause of your symptoms.

Even though mold is not terribly dangerous, health problems caused by mold can be inconvenient and painful. It is recommended that you try to keep you home as mold-free as possible.

Every house has mold. If you have mold allergy symptoms, it may be a sign that there is mold hidden somewhere in your house.

The most common household mold is black and grows around your shower or in your kitchen. When you see this kind of mold, you should clean it immediately. Simple soap and water will usually do the trick, but detergent helps as well.

If you suffer from health problems caused by mold, but don’t see the mold, it may be a good idea to get professional help. There may be a build-up of mold under carpets, inside walls, in crawlspaces, and other hard-to-reach places that might be better handled by an expert.

Health problems caused by mold are common, but reducing the amount of mold in your home can help alleviate …

Eat Beets For Better Health – Plus a Simple Trick to Make Them Taste Better

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If you're like me, you try to pay attention to the types of foods you eat (or should eat) and how they affect your health. I considered beets and found that eating fresh red or purple beets is a simple way to bolster your overall health. From cholesterol to cancer – and more, beets can help keep you well.

Nutritional benefits

Beets are high in fiber and low in cholesterol. They are also rich sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients. At the forefront of this nutritional powerhouse are folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin C. In addition, beets contain two important compounds: betaine and betacyanin (the compound that gives beets their deep red color).

Protecting your heart

Studies have shown that diets rich in beets have helped reduce total cholesterol levels by as much as 30 percent while increasing HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Research has also shown that the betaine in beets helps to lower the amount of the homocysteine ​​in the blood. Homocysteine ​​is a natural amino acid acquitted mostly from eating meat. High levels of homocysteine ​​have been found to be a factor in cardiovascular diseases.

Fighting cancer

The betacyanin in beets is particularly helpful in fighting and preventing colon cancer. The high fiber content and anti-oxidant properties of beets also aid in preventing this particular type of cancer.

Studies have also found that beet juice helps to protect against the formation of compounds called nitrosamines. These compounds can lead to cell mutations which cause cancer.

Helping your liver

Betaine can also protect against liver disease by helping to break down faty deposits within the liver. These deposits are often associated with diabetes, hypertension, or alcohol use. Additionally, fiber fiber helps increase the levels of specific antioxidants which fortify the cellular health of the liver and protect it from potential cancers.

Eat your beets!

You can eat beets raw or cooked. If you choose to cook them, try not to overcook cook them or use too high of a temperature. Many of the nutritional properties of this vegetable break down quickly as the temperature goes up. Do not peel them until you're done cooking, otherwise a large portion of the betacyanin will leach out as they cook.

I personally prefer them raw because all of the nutrients remain intact.

Did someone say peanut butter? !!

I've never really liked the taste of beets, but I came up with a novel way to make them taste better. I simply get a little peanut butter in my mouth before chomping down on the beets. It does not take much – about as much as licking some off a spoon. The fats and oils of the peanut butter bond to the receptors on your tongue, which then blocks the molecules of the beet responsible for its taste. The end result is a very humble and mild flavor that is very palatable. Now I can eat an endless raw beet with about one tablespoon of peanut butter.

The peanut butter also has …

5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Options

Health & Fitness

Some Tips When Buying Health Insurance Today, you can buy through online your individual health insurance, and you will possibly be confused with the prices and options being offered. It is a fact that health insurance is one of the more expensive things that we have to budget daily, however, this could be the best decision we can make for ourselves if we know how to select the right health plan. Some basic guidelines are best to know and follow when deciding to purchase your health insurance. Your number one guideline is to take advice about health insurance only from someone who knows what he or she is talking about. You may hear some advice from your relatives, or other friend who are not related to the insurance, and so they do not know for sure what to answer to your needs and questions. Therefore, it is better to work with an insurance specialist before choosing your health plan.
News For This Month: Services
Your pointer number two is to remember these things when you determine your needs for your health insurance use, and these are your budget, patterns of doctors and hospital visits, and prescription drug usage. Asking yourself with the following questions will help you determine the kind of health insurance plan to buy, like how often do you go to your doctors and are these for just checkups or because you were sick, how many times you were hospitalized in the past two years, or are your prescriptions regular and generic or branded, and other relevant questions. Due to budget limitations, maximum coverage for the factors mentioned may not be possible, although some health insurance plans will give you more than one version in one plan.
Getting Down To Basics with Options
The next pointer is to remember not to over-insure yourself. Some may have the idea that they have a good insurance if they get the maximum coverage for the doctors, hospitals, prescriptions and others, but actually not, so resist to over-insure. Note that most individuals who have health insurance will not need all of the coverage and so a basic premium cost would suffice. You can find the most economical and useful health insurance deals in some ways. First is to contact some state department or bureaus who can offer customer service with regards to insurance. They have good base knowledge of the different types of insurance plans available in your locality. Number two resource that you can ask is a broker or an insurance agent, for these are the professionals who can give you information as to what are the best available health insurance products in the market. Another resource for you to find out are trade organizations who may offer health insurance plans selling at an affordable rate.…

A 10-Point Plan for Options (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Health & Fitness

What Can You Benefit Through Health Insurance? One who knows about life might know that it is so unpredictable, and he or she might face situations in the future which were never predicted or expected. One might know that although preventing or predicting these situations is impossible, he or she should take steps to prepare for them as well as possible, so that if ever they do come, they can be dealt with in the best way. It will certainly be pleasing to you to know that there are a lot of ways through which you can accomplish this, one of which is through getting health insurance. People who get health insurance, then, will certainly be happy to know that through it, they can enjoy a lot of wonderful benefits and advantages. The first thing that people will be able to enjoy when they get health insurance is the benefit of getting a lot of health care services for free. For example, when you decide to get health insurance, you can get preventive health care, which is certainly something of great importance to you, for free. Those who get preventive health care will certainly be able to benefit wonderfully, as through it, they can experience great peace of mind which comes through knowing that they are doing everything to take care of their health. Another thing that people can enjoy through health insurance is the benefit of getting to save a great deal of money. If you know about medicine and other things sold at pharmacies, you might know that they are certainly very expensive, and that if ever you get sick with a sickness which calls for the constant purchasing of these, you might have a difficult time finding the money with which to get all of the things that you need. The great news is that those who have health insurance can enjoy huge discounts on medication and other services, which gives them the chance to obtain these things more easily.
A Simple Plan: Options
Getting health insurance is also something that you should do because when you do so, you can be sure that you are, in the best way, preparing for accidents, emergencies, and other unexpected happenings. When one has health insurance, he or she will find it much easier to deal with these things, which is indeed something very important.
The Beginners Guide To Businesses (What You Need To Know To Get Started)
When you get the best company that offers health insurance, then, you will certainly be able to enjoy many benefits, as through it, you can be sure that you will be able to reap peace of mind, great savings on money, and the preparation for emergencies which are impossible to predict.…

Health Care Plans – Traditional Health Care Plans

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There are two basic types of health insurance plans available today. There is the traditional care health plan and the managed health care plan. We will examine the traditional health care plan and help you distinguish between the two.

Traditional care insurance can also be known as “fee for services” or “indemnity plans”. Traditional care insurance plans have the following features:

You usually pay a higher out of the pocket expense at the time of service. This can also include expenses up to a set deductible limit.

Once you meet the deductible limits, you then share the bill with the insurance company. For instance, your insurance company may pay 80 percent and you have to pay 20 percent. You will continue to share the bill until you reach your maximum out of pocket expenses. After this the insurance company will pay 100 percent of expenses up to its cap.

You could be responsible for keeping your own records of expenses. You might have to submit a request for reimbursement from your insurance company.

The insurance corporation will only pay for usual and customary expenses. Any additional charges or expenses will have to come out of your pocket.

Not every insurance company will offer a wellness or preventative care with this type of plan.

The traditional insurance corporation usually has very few restrictions on which medical providers and specialists you can see and use.

If your plan is a catastrophic or high deductible major medical health plan, you will generally have lower annual premiums than a plan with a lower deductible.

Today, traditional health care plans are becoming increasingly hard to find, as most insurance companies are switching to a managed care plan solution.…

4 Lessons Learned: Options

Health & Fitness

Macular Degeneration Facts – A Threat to Adulthood Macular degeneration is basically an age related case of medical condition that affects the older adult generation. The loss of vision is the primary result of having this type of condition. This is actually different from other vision loss conditions because what it affects is the center of the visual field. The macula is the center area of your vision and the loss of your vision is because of the damaged retina. Two forms are part of this condition that is the wet and dry forms. Fifty years and above individuals are the ones who are mostly affected by this condition. Since the vision lost for this type of condition happens in the central vision, you will be having difficulties reading, recognizing places or people. You can still handle your daily routine with the help of your remaining vision and that is the peripheral vision. A dry version of the macular degeneration still pertaining to age is the so-called nonexudative in which your retina area and choroid area, both found in your eyes, have built up debris that causes the said version. The debris is referred to as Drusen and this is the one that causes the retina to be detached and eventually causes the symptoms of blindness.
Health Tips for The Average Joe
On the other hand, the exudative form or the wet form of the macular degeneration is caused by the vessels that are growing behind your retina. The growth is coming from the choroid. You can make use of two treatment options – medication or the laser coagulation for this type of age related macular degeneration form. If you undergo the treatment, you have a chance to stop and reverse the growth of the blood vessels.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Eyecare
If you have yellow deposits appearing in your macula, this is already a sign that you are suffering from age related macular degeneration. Drusen is made from these yellow deposits. The majority of the crowd experiences no significant difference in their eyesight especially on their pre or early stage. The only time that you will notice that condition is when it worsens already and the deposits increased. It is assumed that the yellow deposits might be cholesterol but this is not yet proven and treating it is by means of having a treatment for lowering cholesterol. The risk factors associated to this macular degeneration are the family history, the gene of the macular degeneration, the aging of the person or even genetic defect. You need to be very alert on this so as not to worsen the case and therefore you need to be more careful and observant when it comes to your vision. You might as well visit a medical professional if you notice any abnormalities on your eyesight already.…

Julia Miller, Health News and Acai Berry – The Mysterious Connection

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In the last few weeks we have received numerous emails about Julia Miller – a health news reporter – who investigated the weight loss benefits of the Acai Berry. We have heard so much about the Acai Berry and claims that it could help you lose weight, that we were excited to learn that a health news reported had some testing on the supplement. Unforunately, as we investigated further we learned that Julia Miller was not who she claimed to be.

Some Background on the Acai Berry

The Acai Berry is a small purple berry that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. The berry grows in bunches high in the Acai Palm tree. The Acai berry has a very large seed – with only about 10% of the berry edible skin and pulp. While the Acai Berry is small in size, it is large in nutrition – with more antioxidants than any other fruit. The fact that the Acai berry can help increase energy, improve sleep patterns, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and aide in digestion is widely accepted. What is much more open to debate are the weight loss powers of the Acai berry.

The Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse – A Match Made in Marketing Heaven?

One of the common themes among web sites that promote Acai for weight loss is to pair it with a colon cleanse. This seems liked an interesting combination so we did a search at PubMed for any clinical studies on the combination of Acai and a colon cleanse – we did not find any studies. It looks like the idea that the two supplements need to be used together is more a matter of marketing than science.

Julia Miller And Her 4 Weeks of Weight Loss

So we were skeptical about weight loss claims, but the report we read from Health News 7 sounded so promising. Julia Miller, a senior Health Reporter, decided to try an Acai supplement and a colon cleanse to see if she really lost weight. In the article, she reports on her results each week and in the end she lost over 28 pounds in 30 days! The article also contains plenty of positive reports from other readers who left comments. We were thrilled until we decided to dig a little deeper and find out more about Julia Miller and her network – Health News 7.

Will the Real Julia Miller Please Stand Up?

We used Google to do a search on Julia Miller and Acai and we were shocked what we found. We found at least 8 different sites with slightly different news names – Health News 6, News Health 9, New 7 Health, etc. They all had the same report from Julia Miller – and a picture of Julia Miller. Here is the amazing thing – every picture of Julia Miller is different! We are not talking a little difference, in one photo she is blond with blue eyes – in the next she has brown …

Health Magazines for Men – Why Every Guy Should Read Health Magazines for Men

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for the guy who has everything, you might want to consider getting him some subscriptions to health magazines for men. When you purchase a gift subscription, you give the gift that keeps on giving. They're much better than a gift certificate or sweater, because a reminder of your present comes in the mail each month. Gift subscriptions to magazines are also very affordable gifts. In most cases, you can buy a full year's worth of magazines for $ 15 or less. At that rate, you can get several subscriptions to cover all of his interests!

Health magazines for men also have a lot of benefits to the subscriber. For example, many offer comprehensive reviews of various products that the guy uses ever day. Soon, he'll know which brand is better than the rest in a variety of categories. Also, many magazines have coupons and free samples in them. He'll be the first to try new colognes and shaving creams, which every guy loves. Beyond those reasons, magazines are great for helping a guy get in shape and stay that way. From various cardio exercises to the different ways to beef up his arms, he'll be in the know.

When a guy reads health magazines for men, he's usually up to date on a variety of subjects. Many of the magazines have human interest stories that can tug at a guy's heartstrings. There's also gadget information as well as fashion sections. Besides all of those reasons to give your guy the present of health magazines for men, there are many different contests that he can win. Magazines like those always have some sort of sweepstakes running, and would not it be great if your guy entered and won? Then the magazines really would be the best present ever. …

Using Sodium Bentonite Clay Baths For Detoxification

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Detoxification using sodium bentonite clay

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has acknowledged environmental pollution as the underlying cause in nearly 80% of all chronic degenerative diseases. Exposure to these toxins leads to a toxic buildup in our bodies and can cause many neurological and degenerative conditions, as well as unexplained fatigue, irritability, mood swings, muscle twitches, insomnia, painful joints, feeling down or bloated.

We take a look at how sodium bentonite clay can be used to detoxify the body of environmental toxins including heavy metals.

detoxpeople supply only 100% pharmaceutical, hypoallergenic bentonite clay powder.

What is it?

· Sodium bentonite is a chemical compound comprised of clay minerals in the smectite group, and varying levels of hydrous silicate of alumina.

· It has a wide variety of agricultural, industrial cosmetic and wellbeing uses.

Why is it so special for wellbeing and detox?

· When mixed with water the sodium bentonite clay swells up to 16 times its size.

· This suspension is called a colloid with the water as the continuous phase and bentonite the dispersed phase.

· The bentonite clay has a negative charge and this negative charge is compensated for by adsorbing a cation on either the interior or exterior of the molecule (a cation is a positively charged ion such as many of the environmental toxins in the body including heavy metal ions)

· These compensating cations, which are adsorbed on the particle surfaces, may be exchanged for other cations. Hence they are called exchangeable cations of the clay.

· The amount per unit weight of the clay is the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) measured in millequivalents (Meq) per 100 grams of dry clay. The higher the CEC of the clay the stronger the negative charge.

· Therefore the best clay to use for detox (removing unwanted toxins that are positively charged) is a clay that expands thereby increasing the surface area and has a high negative charge (high CEC rating) to pull out and bind with the positively charged ions from the body.

· In a recent study conducted by a leading American Colloid company found a Sodium Bentonite clay that had the highest Cation Exchange Capacity (toxin pulling power) than any of the current market competitors.

· In addition to that it is pharmaceutical grade so it contains no microbes/bacteria/biological contaminants making it safe to ingest.

· It is also easy to use – it disperses in water easily and can be flushed straight down the drain without any fuss.

How can this clay be used?

· Bathing: detox clay baths (using good pharmaceutical grade bentonite clay) can be mixed to varying strengths and is safe to use for children, adults and the elderly.

· It is the process of the hot bath that provides the perfect condition to detox. The water / clay creates a colloid where the clay has dispersed evenly, increased it surface area and generated a negative charge. The hot water causes the pores in the skin to open up thereby …

How To Pick A Good Health Insurance Company

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What good is life if you can’t enjoy it? Health insurance helps ensure that you will be able to live your life fully. So, health insurance is very important indeed. There is no perfect plan already set up and there is no one single perfect provider. What you need to do is choose the plan that is perfect for you (your personal needs given your situation) at the lowest price. That is the best deal out there for you.

What Coverages Will Be Best For Me?

If you are not worried about paying out of pocket for doctor visits and such, and they are few and far apart, and you are young and healthy, then perhaps all you need is a catastrophic health insurance plan. Catastrophic coverage will only cover, yep, you guessed it, things that are catastrophic. Your coverage plan will have a detailed list of things considered catastrophic such as you get your head smashed in a car wreck or you wake up one morning and discover you have cancer. This type of coverage is the cheapest but obviously, very needed for everyone.

Additional Coverages

Usually when one thinks about what one wants covered, we remember to take into consideration doctor visits, injuries, illnesses, lab work, hospital stays, and those kinds of fun things, but there are many additional things that many do not think about that requires additional coverage. Suppose you needed a root canal, or your mind was no longer quite there, or, you became pregnant? You would need health care for those things along with, I am sure, plenty of prescription drugs to go along with it which also, by the way, usually requires additional coverage as well unless you plan on paying out of pocket. So, never assume you are covered for something. Have the whole coverage list in front of you so you won’t forget to cover yourself for something you may regret in the future. For example, did you realize that some plans have additional options called wellness benefits that can help you pay for classes to help you stop bad habits hazard to your health, memberships to help you stay in shape, and consultations for your nutritional needs? There are usually more options than people realize, so make sure you know them all, then pick and choose from the entire list of options to tailor your plan exactly how you need it to be.

The Best Way To Protect Yourself Through Your Coverages

It is especially important to make sure all your needs will be met if you have your health insurance through your employer. Do not assume that any health insurance through your employer will be good enough for you. You may need to add additional benefits to your insurance to get the proper coverage that you need. And, of course, one must be honest on all the forms. It would be horrific to be denied coverage after paying premiums for so long only because of a question on the …