June 22, 2024


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14 Places to Get (Cheap) Healthy Eats

Photo Courtesy of Newbury Salads

We all know that Buffalo and Western New York has a fantastic food scene – we’re a city of all trades, what can we say? From slick steak houses to poppin’ plant-based restaurants, there is so much to enjoy. But if you’re looking to enjoy everything the Buffalo food scene has to offer on the cheap, this guide will serve you well.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to come at a cost. And lucky for us, plenty of locally owned and operated restaurants and shops offer fresh and healthy options at the right price.

“Cheap” can mean something different to everyone, so for this guide we’re setting the bar at: healthy and affordable food options at around $12 or less per meal (emphasis on the less).

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Photo Courtesy of Balanced Body Foods / Vegan Option

1375 Hertel Ave, Buffalo / 4685 Transit Rd, Harris Hill


Balanced Body – a meal prep service – is a great option for affordable healthy meals with meal plans that allow you to choose the option that works best for you, giving you fresh healthy meals on hand and on the go. You can also purchase meal by meal if that’s more your speed – just stop by any of their locations.

Sunshine Vegan Eats
Photo courtesy of Sunshine Vegan Eats

893 Jefferson Ave, Buffalo / sunshineveganeats.com

This option is a fan-favorite Buffalo gem. Not only is this restaurant completely vegan, but their food is crafted with both nutrition and flavor in mind. Their community-based business makes this place that much better.

Photo Courtesy of Fresh Catch Poke

Multple Locations / freshcatchpoke.co

Unique and healthful are the words that come to mind when it comes to Fresh Catch. They serves up fresh and delicious poke bowls, with both vegan and gluten-free options. Their signature bowls run at around $11-12 and are packed with healthy ingredients and plenty of health benefits. If you’re looking for something easy and different -this is your spot. (Also super instagrammable-just an FYI.)

Multiple WNY Locations / feel-rite.com

If you’ve never ordered food from Feel Rite’s market, this is a must-try. Not only is Feel Rite a healthy grocery destination, but they also serve freshly made wraps, sandwiches, salads, and more with both vegan and gluten-free options in addition to organic fresh-squeezed juices. Items are super cheap but fresh and delicious, ranging from $6-8.

Photo Courtesy of Newbury Salads

Multiple Locations / newburysalads.com

A cute local spot, with multiple locations, Newbury rarely disappoints. Their salad options are on point in addition to their homemade soup specials. They also have wraps and toast dishes available for around $8-10. This one is a great healthy lunch spot for an on-the-go option on the cheap. Pro-tip: check their locations and hours before visiting.

Photo Courtesy of The Lunch Box

Multiple Locations / thelunchboxbuffalo.com

The Lunch Box is a local cafe and catering company specializing in fresh, straightforward, healthy food options. Their options range from breakfast in the morning to wraps, salads, and more into lunch time, priced around $6-8.

Photo Courtesy of The Poppyseed Restaurant

3670 McKinley Parkway, Blasdell, NY / poppyseedrestaurant.com 

This full service sit-down restaurant might have the best salads in town… or in the state… or in America. Offerings include huge salads, greek dishes, vegan-friendly options, and amazing wraps. This place gives you homestyle food with great healthy options at truly reasonable prices. While options on their menu start around $12, there are plenty of tasty dishes at that price point and worth every penny.

762 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo / theglobemarket.com

Another beloved spot on Elmwood, The Globe is a versatile option. They land on this list with their extensive list of salad, specialty sandwiches, and wrap options. It’s easy to grab something healthy and under $10 here.

Photo Courtesy of Homegrown Kitchen

650 Main St, East Aurora / homegrownwny.com

Focused on healthy meals and a healthy community, their salad and grain bowls come in around $12 and pack a punch with fresh ingredients and original pairings. They also serve wraps, toasts, smoothies and breakfast – all reasonably priced.

Multiple Locations / squeezejuicerybuffalo.com

Okay, so we know and love this one. It lands on our cheap and healthy list since let’s be real, their $7 smoothies are basically a meal. Well worth the price tag and still within our cheap range, each smoothie is packed with healthy ingredients and nutrients you’re probably looking for if you’ve landed on this guide. Not to mention their salads and wraps are everything.

Photo Courtesy of @norahassan_ / Ashkers Juicebar

1002 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo / ashkersbuffalo.com

An Elmwood staple, this juice bar has fresh-pressed juices and freshly made smoothies with all the options. Their juices are on the cheaper side at $6 per juice and come with a mason jar that you get to take home.


Photo Courtesy of Feature Meals & Eatery

12. Feature Meals & Eatery

598 Main St, Buffalo / featureeatery.com

Feature meals gives us true city vibes at their downtown location. Expect super healthy options like roasted veggies and packed salads as well as smoothies and juices. This one is truly a healthy option and comes in around $10 a meal. They also offer tons of meal prep options.

Photo courtesy of Kornerstone Cafe
Photo courtesy of Kornerstone Cafe

Multiple locations / kornerstonecafe.com

Serving cold-pressed juice and smoothies since 2016, Kornerstone Cafe and Juice Bar offers a wide variety of food & drink options. Their menu items are all natural with breakfast dishes, veggie-packed sandwiches, and unique smoothie bowls standing out on their menu.


Welbeze Juice + Eatery / Step Out Buffalo

Multiple Locations / welbeze.com

Slightly on the higher end of our cheap range, but definitely worth mentioning for the extensive list of fresh and healthy options. Juices, wraps, salads, you know the drill. Their creations are really unique and they are all about the fresh and real ingredients, plus the inside is adorable.

Smoothie from Green Eats
Smoothie from Green Eats / Step Out Buffalo

6445 W Quaker Street, Orchard Park / buffalogreeneats.com

Looking for $8 smoothie bowls, wellness juices, and more? Orchard Park’s self-proclaimed wellness kitchen has great options for an affordable healthy smoothie kick.

Photo courtesy of Prima Oliva & Cafe

1 Buffalo St, Hamburg / primaoliva.com

This build-your-own salad and grain bowl cafe (born out of Prima Oliva, a local olive oil brand) offers such substantial meals at under $10. The customizations are endless (no seriously) and the end product is extremely satisfying.

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