June 19, 2024


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5 Signs Your Aging Parents Need 24-Hour Care

5 Signs That Your Ageing Parent Needs 24-Hour Care at Home | VeritasCare

Acknowledging the fact that your aging parents aren’t their old self is difficult to accept. However, identifying key signs and taking the right steps is vital to ensure long-term health.

As your parents grow older and their condition deteriorates, you might find yourself devoting more time so you can attend to them. Even if you have all the time in the world, some aging parents might need constant care and supervision from an expert.

If you are currently taking care of your aging parents and are wondering whether to provide them with 24-hour care, the following are key signs to look at:

  1. Poor Hygiene

Bad breath, body odor, and other major signs related to poor hygiene must be taken seriously. They may show that your parents are unable to care for themselves and need additional support. In other cases, your aging parent may need constant care from you or a professional caregiver.

Poor hygiene can be because of physical challenges and other factors. If your elderly parents need help managing daily tasks and adopting healthier lifestyle habits, turn to a reliable home care service for seniors.

  1. Loss of Memory

Unpaid bills and forgotten doctors’ appointments may show memory issues caused by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. If the utilities of your aging parents are turned off because of non-payments, elderly parents will be left in risky situations.

If your aging parents can afford to pay their bills but they don’t do so, then they might be experiencing memory loss. A 24-hour service provider will recommend the best supplements for memory and remind them to take them on time. They will also help get things done, like paying gas bills or doctor’s appointments.

  1. Poor Yard or House Maintenance

A dirty, messy, or untidy home is among the first signs that your aging parents need help. They may not have the physical or energy capacity to reach up to dust shelves or maneuver vacuum cleaners.

The issue can worsen with poor eyesight because aging parents might not see dirt, dust, or cobwebs that have accumulated in their homes.

All these may attract bugs and result in unhealthy environments. A cluttered home may also result in tripping hazards for your aging parents and make them fall often.

  1. Bare Pantry

A single parent might not eat a lot, but the refrigerator and pantry must be properly stocked. The pantry of your loved one might be bare because they avoid going to the grocery to shop.

A bare pantry is as well another indication that memory loss is affecting their decision-making capability. But a home caregiver offering 24-hour service will help buy groceries weekly to ensure your loved ones have something healthy to cook and eat.

  1. Poorly Managed Anxiety or Depression

Although anxiety and depression don’t cause cognitive problems, those disorders might become severe to the extent that the person experiencing them may get incapacitated. Psychotropic medications may relieve symptoms. However, side effects can cause dizziness, confusion, fatigue, and weakness, making it important for you to enlist the services of 24-hour service care.

Final Remarks

If you note either of these signs, have a talk with your aging parents. Many parents don’t want to burden their children and may not admit they need support. So reason with your parents and make them understand that they need care.