April 20, 2024


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Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is care that involves easing your pain, helping you function, move, and improve your life. Your physical therapist will first diagnose your condition to determine the care that fits you. Your physical therapist can assess how well you move around, walk, climb, balance, and monitor your heartbeat and body posture or balance to come up with the best physical therapy options fit for your problems. Exercises, stretches, massage, ultrasound, heat or cold therapy, and rehab are used in Arlington physical therapy sessions. Physical therapy can benefit you in many ways, which include:

Relieves and reduces pain

Physical therapy treatments for soft tissue and joint therapies like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and taping can help reduce pain and swelling. They restore muscle and joint function, relieving pain. These therapies will also prevent pain from recurring.

Develop mobility

Physical therapy will help you walk, move or stand. Engaging in strengthening and stretching exercises will reinstate your mobility. Your doctor can recommend crutches, canes, or other devices to help you move. Activities will help you avoid prolonged resting, leading to muscle numbness.

It helps you recover from a stroke

It is typical for patients with stroke to lose function and movement. Physical therapy strengthens the weakened part of your body and assists you in recovering gait and equilibrium. Regaining function enables you to do personal activities, reducing the burden on your care provider to bathe, dress, and take you to the toilet.

Stops sports injuries

During sports, you can get injuries by using your body parts repetitively in games like football, basketball, or athletics. Recurrent activities can lead to stress fractures. Physical therapy develops exercises for you to ensure you do not get such injuries after your game. They will strengthen your muscles and joints, reducing the chances of strains and fractures.

Manage age related-problems

As you age, your joints wear and tear, leading to conditions like arthritis. Joints may have severe damage requiring replacement. A disease like arthritis may not have a cure, so your doctor will try to manage it to control its severity. Physical therapy helps you recover faster when you need a joint replacement, arthritis, or osteoporosis.

Improves heart and lung conditions

If your heart and lung problem affects your daily functioning, you need physical therapy to manage your condition. Breathing exercises like yoga can help clear fluid in your lungs and improve your situation. Physical therapy helps strengthen heart muscles which will boost pumping for effective functioning.

Manage diabetes disease

Physical therapy involves exercises that will assist you in controlling your blood sugar. In some instances, diabetes can lead to loss of sensation in your feet and legs. Your physical therapist will educate you on proper foot care to prevent more damage.

It helps you avoid surgery

Your doctor may recommend surgery for your injury if pain persists. Physical therapy reduces and eliminates pain, therefore, preventing surgery. If surgery is a must, pre-surgery physical therapy can help you get into it stronger promoting fast and better recovery. Avoiding surgery will reduce your healthcare costs.

Physical therapy will improve your condition and mental and physical health. Schedule an appointment at JAM Wellness for physical therapy to improve the quality of life.