July 23, 2024


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Chromopathy Treatment (Ultra-Color)

Chromopathy Treatment (Ultra-Color)

My Grandmother wakes up every morning; she does a Suryanamaskar every day.

“Wake up every morning and pray to the sun (Suryanamaskar), and will always enjoy fine health through your life”.

My Grandmother always taught me all the natural method to be healthy. She then added, “Color has a very vital role to play in our life”. I myself witnessed and experienced in my life and then onwards had a different vision to look after the colors. Some of the amazing facts I learnt was motivating me to learn more about it. I studied a number of books and learnt online and was inspired by the role of color and sun rays. This was the fact that I was unaware of.

Chromo means color and pathy means the technique of treatment. Through chromopathy many ancient and chronic diseases can be treated. It is an alternative medicine method. It claims to use light in the form of color to balance Energy lacking in a person’s body.

There are many colors in the rays of sunlight which purifies the air and the climate, water and destroys the unwanted germs on the earth. The Veda declares that the color embedded in the sun ray can cure the diseases.

Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicines believe that body has seven chakras. In ancient days the sage and experts practiced the Suryaupasana (Pray to the Sun early morning) which proves that treatment is possible through Sunrays. According to this the chakra can become imbalance and result in physical diseases, but applying the color in the correct place can cure the imbalance in the body. In some part of Europe there is no sunlight for some months and therefore people take sun bath when it appears.

The system of curing the diseases with the different color of cosmic rays and its benefits are immense and are explained in this way as the sun rays penetrate the body directly and does not too long, as Vitamin-D is formed when the ray of sun penetrates our skin. There are many rays in Sunlight the main colors are:

1. RED– It is used to gain energy and it’s useful in pigmentation of skin, Heart diseases when exposed in the sun help cure these diseases.

2. Yellow– It’s useful in activating the nerve sensation and provides shine to the body.

3. Blue– It gives the cooling and soothing effect in our body.

These are three major colors and there are also other colors like;

Orange, green, purple, violet, pink, bright yellow, dark blue, indigo and ultra-violet these nine colors are the combination of three main shades.

1. RED– color of love.

2. YELLOW– color of brainpower or intellect.

3. BLUE– color of truth and hope.

4. ORANGE– health, brain and power of spiritualism.

5. GREEN- hope, intellect and growth.

6. VIOLET- politeness.

7. PINK- mercy.

8. BRIGHT YELLOW- mental power.

9. DARKBLUE- peace.

10. INDIGO- melody, harmony.

11. ULTRA VIOLET- ability to work and diversity.

Other than these colors there are three more colors to mention and they are;

1. BLACK– darkness.

2. WHITE– power, purity, simplicity and clearness.

3. GREY– sorrow and anxious.

Color therapy and their effect in our body

Many different colors have the ability to treat multiple diseases, if penetrated or inserted in our body through lenses in the proper location of the body.

Red and pink increases blood flow in the Artery and increases warmth in our body.

Yellow and orange encourage the nerve action and it relaxes the swollen part of the body and gives energy, useful in heart diseases.

Blue and violet provide relief from nervousness, swelling, fever, and sharp pain and brain diseases.

Green treats in fever, diseases related to women, sexual problems and cancer.

Purple purifies blood, liver and nervous system.

Use of chromopathy in our daily life

1. Red and Pink– Veggies and fruits of this color provide warmth; it’s used in the form of tonics during weakness.

2. Yellow and Orange– the vegetables and fruits of this color provide fiber and avoids constipation and gastric and urinal disorder.

3. Blue, Indigo and Violet- vegetables containing this color are cool by nature and avoid insomnia.

4. Green colored vegetables and fruits prevent urinal problems.

Chromopathy and its advantages

It’s a safe, sensitivity free, non venomous it does not need anesthesia, no cut and surgeries needed during the treatment, no mark of scars and wounds on the body, no pain during the treatment. The color therapy with the help of sun ray can be penetrated directly into our body without wasting any time. It’s the most easy and low-priced treatment.

Proper treatment in perfect body part and correct medicines prescribed can cure the diseases without any hassle. Suryanamaskar is now the most imperative part of my life.