June 19, 2024


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Common Complications that Women Experience During Pregnancy

Most women will not experience complications during pregnancies. However, you can experience a health problem affecting you or your child or both. These complications can arise during pregnancy, or they may have been there before you got pregnant. Environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors can contribute to Jackson Heights pregnancy complications. Most health problems during pregnancy are manageable with immediate medical attention. Below are the main health conditions you can experience in your pregnancy.


Anemia is a condition where you have fewer blood cells than usual. When you have anemia, your body feels tired and weak, and your skin may appear pale. Your doctor will diagnose the cause of anemia for effective treatment. Since many cases of this condition are caused by nutrient deficiencies, it would help if you took iron and folic acid during pregnancy to prevent it.


Bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections may come up during pregnancy. Urinary tract infections, yeast infections, bacteria vaginosis, and hepatitis B virus are common infections. They can cause harm to you and your baby, so take immediate medical attention if any occurs. You can prevent some infections by observing hygiene measures or getting vaccinations.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs when body sugars are not processed appropriately, leading to high abnormal sugar levels in your bloodstream. You can modify your meals or take insulin to control your blood sugar levels. If you do not maintain your blood sugar levels, you can develop preeclampsia or a large child leading to cesarean delivery.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure occurs when the arteries carrying blood from your heart to other organs and the placenta narrow. Narrowing increases pressure in arteries making it hard for blood that carries nutrients and oxygen to reach the fetus. It can make you deliver before the due date or get a tiny baby. Your doctor will help you control this condition with medications during your pregnancy.

Preterm labor

Preterm labor is where you develop uterus contractions before thirty-seven weeks of your pregnancy. A child born before thirty-seven weeks will have a high risk of health problems, and organs like lungs and brain will not have developed fully. Infections, a shortened cervix, or previous preterm births can contribute to preterm labor. Progesterone supplementation can reduce the chances of this condition.


Miscarriage is a pregnancy loss usually before twenty weeks due to natural causes. Excessive vaginal bleeding, cramping, or fluid and tissue passage from your vagina are the common symptoms of miscarriage. In some instances, you may experience a miscarriage before you are aware you are pregnant. Most miscarriage cases are not preventable.


Stillbirth is pregnancy loss after the twentieth week of your pregnancy. In most cases, your doctor will not know the cause of this complication. Chromosomal abnormalities, placental issues, poor fetal growth, infections, or chronic mother issues are the leading causes of stillbirths.

Sometimes it is challenging to distinguish between usual pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy complications. Although some issues are mild, you should immediately visit your doctor for early prenatal care to prevent further risk to you and your baby. Schedule an appointment at Raveco Medical to prevent and treat pregnancy complications through pregnancy care.