June 18, 2024


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DonJoy Braces and Supports – Stay Healthy While Staying Active

If you are looking for sports medicine products to support and protect your body when playing your favorite sport, consider DonJoy for a wide selection of braces, supports and therapy products including knee braces, ankle braces and cold therapy products.

DonJoy, part of DJO Incorporated, is an international provider of orthopedic products for pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation. DonJoy has built its reputation on quality products and excellent customer service, which has enabled the company to foster valuable relationships with members of the medical community including physical therapists, athletic trainers, doctors, and surgeons. In fact, many of DonJoy’s product innovations come from suggestions from these members of the medical community. The doctors identify a need for a specific type of product and the team at DonJoy makes the idea a reality.

In order to maintain the high level of quality that DonJoy is known for, the braces, supports and therapeutic devices are all designed with state-of-the-art materials…and it doesn’t stop there. Once a product enters the marketplace the product development team is always looking for ways to improve and enhance the product based on feedback from the medical community and patients. The wide selection of DonJoy’s braces and supports ensures that patients are able to find the product that works for their sports injuries, degenerative diseases or deformities.

One of DonJoy’s signature products is the Defiance III custom knee brace, which is known to be the finest ligament knee brace on the market. It offers the best protection that is fit for the knee which has suffered trauma. It can also be worn to protect against other knee ligament injuries. An athlete who has undergone surgery from an ACL injury would benefit from wearing a customized Defiance III knee brace. This knee support helps protect against further damage, as well as aides in the healing process by better supporting the leg and muscles around the knee. This is one of the most widely-used knee braces by professional athletes around the world and is recommended for anyone involved in contact or water sports in order to avoid serious injury to the knees.

Another standout product for DonJoy is the Velocity ankle brace. The Velocity ankle brace is just what is needed for athletes who have sprained an ankle in order to continue on with their sports activities without worrying about further sprains or injuries. The Velocity ankle brace is very comfortable and is designed to add extra support to the ankle joint. It is perfect for an active person who might resist the temptation of active sports for fear of ankle injury. The ankle joint is strengthened by being enclosed in the Velocity ankle brace and can endure more pressure without injuring surrounding ligaments or muscles.

All DonJoy products are created for any kind of sports protection, injuries and healing to help athletes stay with their game no matter what happens out in the elements. High collision sports create a potential for sprains and aches. If an athlete equips himself with the proper DonJoy braces or supports they will be less likely to suffer from an injury. In the worse case situation, if an injury does occur a DonJoy brace or support will help the athlete recover from the injury and get back into the game.