July 13, 2024


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Important Facts About Labiaplasty

Did you know that plastic surgery gained momentum in the sixties? Surgeons in the sixties started performing numerous procedures to give people their desired body features. Plastic surgery is a set of procedures performed by a specialized surgeon to shape features to achieve a certain look. You can have the procedure conducted on different body parts depending on your aesthetic needs. Women, in particular, can undergo Labiaplasty Roslyn Heights to get the perfect vaginal lips. In this article, we will enlighten you on important facts about labiaplasty.

Reasons For Labiaplasty

Women consider labiaplasty for different reasons. For instance, some seek to enjoy intercourse better. For instance, you might be having longer labia minora than Majora, which causes you discomfort during sex. You can consider getting the procedure if the excess tissue in your vaginal lips exposes you to urinary tract infections and bacteria. Most ladies undergo the procedure for aesthetic reasons, such as to get rid of uneven vaginal leaves. If you have uneven vaginal lips, you might become conscious of that part of the body, affecting your esteem, especially when having sexual intercourse. You can have the procedure to correct the stretching of the lips that occurs during pregnancy, birth, and aging.

Benefits of the Procedure

1.      You get the perfect looking vagina

The procedure can correct the pigmentation and size of the vaginal lips. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with how your vagina looks after the procedure, you will have an appealing vagina.

2.      Enhanced comfort

After the procedure, you will manage to wear tight clothes which you would otherwise not wear because of the overstretched vaginal lips. Also, the procedure allows you to eliminate all discomfort even when you wear your favorite swimsuit.

3.      Boosted Confidence

Getting a labiaplasty allows you to feel comfortable even as you undress. You do not have to be conscious of how your vagina looks every time you remove clothes, whether alone or in front of your sex partner.

4.      Increased sexual pleasure

The procedure involves the removal of excess vaginal tissues that hinder you from enjoying intense sexual pleasure.

What To Expect When Getting the Procedure

If you consider getting the procedure, the doctor will review your health status to ascertain you are not at any health risk. Also, if you still want to give birth in the future, you will not undergo the procedure because the birth process will alter the procedure results. Besides, before the procedure, the doctor will have a catheter and an intravenous line placed in your urethra and arm, respectively. After that, the vaginal area will undergo disinfection, and you will be placed under anesthesia. The surgeon removes the excess tissues using scissors, scalpel, or laser tools. They shape the remaining tissue and close the incisions with dissolving stitches. After that, they apply antibiotic crème, and you can go back to your daily activities after a week.

You do not have to have a vagina that does not allow you to feel confident and sexy when the Plastic Associates of Long Island offer a seamless Labiaplasty procedure. Begin the perfectly sized and shaped vagina journey by booking your appointment today.