July 21, 2024


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Keeping Our Life Together – My Mother, The Silent Hero

Keeping Our Life Together – My Mother, The Silent Hero

A Tribute

What degree of influence does your mother have in your life, is it partial or total? During my teenage years, I have obeyed and resisted my mother’s rules. I have pleased and displeased her. Some of my decisions disappointed her but some made her proud. My mother made me experience life by being beside her. We talked, argued, laughed, played the piano and sang together!

My mom is my constant companion. We traveled a lot and she showed me many fascinating places. I don’t remember a day that goes by without her addressing my faults and mistakes. When it’s time for the “lecture”, her teachings will be based on reality. She uses the phrase “look at that” or “see what has happened”. She guided me with patience. Looking back at the years gone by, I realized she made herself a steadfast presence in my life.

She claps loudly during my “achievement day” and cheers me on! Her encouraging words is like a pill that fuels my desire to do better. In return, I wanted to please more my # 1 fan.

Silent Hero

My mother taught me her wisdom by example. I believe it is the hardest way to teach a child. She does what she says. I learned many lessons from her – respect, kindness, humility, resourcefulness, forgiveness, charity and perseverance. She taught me resilience, patience and strong-willpower. Her value of education is priceless. You cannot also break her unwavering faith up to her last days.

In her prime, she gave up the lucrative career in Law and Accounting to spend time caring for me. I am her priority. Although I am abundant with her continuous love and care, I knew for a fact that her life was not perfect. Right before my eyes, she endured many trials and tears. But despite everything, she kept our family together.

Our relationships at home should be within her standards. No bickering, no grudges. There’s warmth during cold day and food on the table. I almost lost her in the 80’s from toxic goiter. It was undetected for many years and was slowly eating her weight away. Considering all the odds of her health, it is a miracle she survived the medical ordeal.

She succeeded to engrave her life long lessons in my heart. Without her, I will be nothing. She a daughter’s best friend and my best teacher. I should say her influence in my life is total.