April 21, 2024


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Let Us Change the World Through the Change of Ourselves

Let us change the world through the change of ourselves Sufi Bayazid tells about himself: When I was young, I was revolutionist and my prayer was like this: “O Lord, give me a power to change the world”. As I have become adult and I enlightened myself that a half of my life was past and that I was not able to change even one human being during this time, I changed my prayer and start to say: “O Lord, let me transform people which contact me. Even only my family and my friends. It will be enough for me to be glad.” Now, when I am already old and my days are counted, I have started to understand how I was stupid and now my prayer is: “O, Lord let me be able to change myself” If I could pray this way since the beginning I did not waste my life. I adore observing human creativity.

This is fantastic how immensity of possibilities is bringing each of a human being. Architectonic miracles, the power of the word, miracle of music phrase… And all of it in its primordial being without any material form. Why most of us try to change the order of the world (starting from the changing the family and finishing on politicians) instead searching the way to the huge information included in the Universal Energetic Field, this information on which base we can build our own unique and unrepeatable life experience? Next workshops taking place in Dom Kultury Praga. Thaddeus is above 70 years old man. Witty although sarcastic way of expressing his perceptions is attracting the attention of the participants. With the bitter tongue he criticises the government for its uncompromising way of acting and manipulating of the human resources. His attack is directed outside. The consequence: He consolidates the conviction about own impotence in this case, He finds the confirmation for his black, pessimistic visions in the dialogue with the participants, which agree with his opinion, He does not see the possibility of changing this situation through the individual acting.

He deprives himself the possibility of creating, satisfying his expectations, conditions of life. The price which Thaddeus pays for the way of thinking due to the out of date model of the reality is very high: Bad condition of his health and no perspectives for the satisfying life In “New vision of healing II” I have described the model of reality to which is inclined contemporary knowledge. The base reality in this model is Universal Energetic Field. Dr Pribram is describing it as the “energetic record” receiving by our senses, which on its base are creating the illusion of surrounding immaterial reality. In this model everything is mutually connected, what means that every individual has the influence on totality. Dr Pribram affirm that the brain transforms the information in the conventional way, what means that each of human being experience created by himself reality, accordingly to his expectations basing on the tradition and his convictions. If we accept the idea, that we by ourselves create our experience of the reality, we will profit the possibility of determining what way we have created our present reality, and we will gain the chance to change it into more desirable. What can change the knowledge about a new model of reality in the life of the old man? I suspect that much, but under the condition, that he will accept the possibilities of creating the reality supported by the new data base and make a lot of actions to get rid of the “luggage” of experiences which he had collected during whole his life and which had consolidated the out of date system of convictions.

I know from my observations, that we can make our task easier if we are working to change ourselves in a group of people supporting each other, going the common path of change. Very important element of this work is practical utilization of our knowledge, the knowledge which has the holistic approach to the human being. Cordial atmosphere of meetings, common play and joy meaningly influence on the calm of our emotions, and the same open the way to knowledge from the intuitive level of existence. Creation and as a consequence change of the life landscape, this is a stage informing about the transformation of our convictions and the same about the way of experiencing the life. Independently from the methods discovering for us the new possibilities which can open the door to new experiences, the most powerful source of the transformation for a human being is love. I have observed many girls in love, who were healed by this feeling from many indispositions like with the touch of magician’s wand.

Unfortunately most of them could not use this powerful source of might for creating a new image and the same more splendid life experience. The state of falling in love was passing and the girls came back to the old life programs keeping hardly in the subconsciousness. Confucius taught that a human being desires experience the happy life should frequently change himself. What about was thinking this great thinker? Is it an emotional shakiness or cleverness of ego creation? I think that both. Confucius perfectly knew that the abundance of life is linked with the skills of creating own life supporting on the variable picture of self on the base of feeling from the intuitive field of existence. The symbol of going this path of own develops is the step pyramid known not only in the culture of Indian tribe Maya or Aztecs.

In experiencing of abundance of self we pay still less attention for the material base (this is our own choice), even we are all the time deeply rooted in it. The last step is the symbol of the recognition of our real identity after the ending of whole cycle of internal transformations. I think, that independently on which step of the pyramid we create our experience, important is the answer on the question if we are ready for the conscious change. If we are on the path unconsciously, we frequently come back to the previous class to complete the knowledge. Do you really desire to plunge in the deep of the Sky-blue Lake? It will bring a change. Are you ready to the new way? Listen to yourself in the silence and take steps with the accordance with your own feelings.

I wish you joy and terrestrial ingenuity.

Best regards

Teresa Maria Zalewska