February 21, 2024


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Meditation Goals – Focusing Energy and Balanced Chaos

Balance can only be found through diligence and focus, but where do we focus during our meditations to find this balance? While no two people process information in the same way, because of our backgrounds, but the benefits found with some aspects Kundalini are ubiquitous to everyone. I am talking about the realizing the healthy life-forces that can make every moment feel wonderful. While the timeline towards achieving such benefits are wildly different, students of this healing meditation can be rewarded in other ways instantly.

Before a meditation I can feel anxious or maybe tired and therefore choose to meditate as a way to break through the counter productive emotions. The Kundalini awakening that I seek to channeling and redirecting my own energy is challenging to find yet I really enjoy the path into it. Long walks or even physical work are helpful tools to clear my mind in preparation to do so. Mental work, like sewing or simple maintenance on my vehicle is also therapeutic when my body has been busy with multiple tasks all day. I have found my physical foundations help me deal with loads of information to calm and gracefully grasp the mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of my life. There is really nothing more exuberant than feeling alive in my body. Having a quiet mind is essential to realize that my daily yoga is the artful way of merging our individual energy with universal energy and my Kundalini is always present, showing itself as an awakening of inner knowledge.

Outside of my sanctuary I choose to pursue and follow methodical practices to begin balancing my energies inside and out. Through correct channeling of these I feel more intuitive and closer to what is real in terms of uncovering what is important as I organize my emotions that tug and ultimately lead me toward achieving realistic goals. Generally I have been able to identify self-imposed limitations, their origins in certain bad habits that stem from times of unconscious living and other erroneous details that seem to invade my life. I understand that this is also a journey and not a destination which is why consistent meditation allows me to return home to the heart. Together with diet, my immune system is stronger, my glands are vital, my nervous system is good and I maintain good circulation. Life is good.