July 23, 2024


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Nova South-Eastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nova South-Eastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Nova University is spread over 300 acres in Fort Lauderdale-Davie in Florida, the main campus and the head office for the university. Most of the administrative work and different academic courses are administered and managed from this campus itself. The campus offers awesome opportunities for learning in the health profession and areas like arts, sciences, humanities and social science and also computers.

Nova South-Eastern University ‘s campus also offers pre-school studies and other facilities till 12th grade. The Campus consists of a small beautiful 10 acres campus, oceanographic centre campus which is also spread over 10 acres and North Miami campus in Florida with 18 acre campus. These all campuses of Nova college are well developed with modular buildings consisting of various research departments, offices, libraries, service centers and other related infrastructure facilities required for continuous development of education resources.

Comfortable Environment For The Students

The students are provided with a supportive environment that facilitates learning and continuous development. The students are molded ins such a manner so that they can develop tactful leadership skills which can in turn help them to deal with all upcoming future problems. With the help of scrupulous academic programs, students are given outstanding opportunities to develop themselves through programs like individual growth, character development, and technological competence and community services. The highly trained professors and teachers are always there to serve as a mentor for the students in their educational path.

Admission Requirements and Procedure

o A student must possess a bachelor’s degree awarded through a recognized university.

o Student should have completed his bachelor’s degree with good grades in subject biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry and in physics.

o All the applicants are required to go for a medical college admission test which is offered twice a year in August and April. The students getting higher scores would be given the first preference for admissions.

o The student must possess a letter from physician with their application for admission.

o Along with fulfilling all the above requirements, the student should also carry a letter of evaluation with their application.

Thus, when you are apt with all the necessary requirements, you can visit the official website of the college and apply for admission.

Financial Aid for the Students

The students who wish to get enrolled at courses with Nova South-eastern University of Osteopathic Medicine get a lot of relief in terms of fees. The college provides financial assistance in form of scholarships and loans to the students. To learn more about the forms of financial help that can be received by you, visit Nova South-eastern University site.