June 16, 2024


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There Is Only One True Love In A Person’s Life

Love really does only come along once in most life times so do not let it pass a person by. Make sure to grab on and hold on for dear life. Love will come and go if a person is not ready for love. I made that mistake about fifteen years ago I let the one love of my life walk away and did nothing to stop her. Do not let this happen to any person that believes they are in love with another person make sure it works.

I met this girl about fifteen years ago and we did every thing together. I spent every spare hour I had with this girl. There was nothing I would not have done for her all this woman had to do was ask and I would go out of my way to help any way that I could. we spent hours just enjoying each others company this is very rare in the world today. We enjoyed everything about each other.

This woman wanted me around more then I could be because there was the only real thing in my life that I got use to doing this was work. I had to keep control of my life by working more hours then I had time to spend with her and one day my woman got tired of waiting for me to change and walked out of my life once and for all.

I have spent countless nights wondering why I let this woman walk away. I had everything I could want in a woman then this woman was gone. Do not let this happen to any couple who really love each other. I have always found it hard to commit to any person. Learn to enjoy and depend on each other. Find little ways to let each other know that you are always thinking about each other. Share quite moments just talking about how much the time that you spend together make life better for the both of you. Take A bottle if wine and a radio and find some quite place where you both like to be together and just talk and dance the hours away.

Love every moment that you both have together and let each other know just how much you love each other. I had always thought that this woman knew how I really felt about her. I find it hard to commit to someone because I have taken care of myself my whole life. I have a control problem with people that come into my life. I lost my one true love of my life simply because I would not make a commitment to have a life for us both. I have only known one way in my life and that was to simply shut myself up in my work when a relationship became to serious for me to deal with.

Love really is the most important thing in life it just took me the greatest loss of my life and fifteen years to realize this. Not one day goes by when I do not think about how different my life would have been with her then it is without her. Take the time to love life is so short not to hear these words I love you. I wish I could turn back the clock and change this mistake but I can not. Take the time to share the single greatest feeling in life Love. Love will stand the test of time if people work at it. Nothing this good ever comes easy but its worth the work by both people. Love really is the greatest feeling between a man and a woman.

Love takes both people together as one and believe me it is worth anything you have to give up to keep it. As always I write with respect.