June 17, 2024


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Watch Cyn Manifest a ‘House With a View’ With Help From Katy Perry


Tell Elon, she said, “zoom, zoom!” On Friday, Cyn dropped her single “House with a View,” the track she wrote while handling the not-so-fun aspects of being a new mom, as she manifests a good-ass life and luxury for herself (and her baby boy Etienne).

“I felt like I was washing like baby bottle after baby bottle, and I was sitting there at the sink thinking, ‘If this is my life, like, it would be so much better if I could look out at a beautiful landscape,’ ” Cyn — the pop star signed to Katy Perry’s Unsub Records and behind the bop “Drinks” — tells Rolling Stone over Zoom, hiding in her backyard, so her baby doesn’t see her on the phone. “Sometimes, I even pretend like I am on the ocean.”

In the new song, she sings about wanting “that debt-free attitude” and hoping to see her “son with a trust fund by the time he’s four.” She also stars in a silly music video for the track, where she house and dog-sits for a “rich bitch living on Rich Bitch Avenue,” played by Katy Perry, while she’s away in Las Vegas for “literally 24 hours.” (Mini shoutout to her iconic Play residency.)

“I was like, how can I make this storyline work? Katy made perfect sense,” Cyn says. “I’m a songwriter trying to get a start in life with my art and my music. This is her way of being there for me as a mentor.” Perry describes Cyn’s new song succinctly to Rolling Stone: “Cyn is a savant songwriter and knows how to perfectly put into words the soundtrack to your late-night Zillow scrolls, and a musical middle finger to that student loan life.”

In the video, Cyn completely takes over Perry’s house and pretends to live a lavish lifestyle in the mansion, bringing in an ice sculpture of her face, a personal guru, and an Architectural Digest-inspired photoshoot. Most of the folks featured in the video are a lot of the people who actually “support my art” IRL — including her fiancé Kyle Newman, who directed the video.

“You’d think it would be something special, or it would be weird, but it just felt very natural,” she says of working with her fiancée. “I thought I was gonna be more nervous because he’s seen me give birth, and now we’re doing a music video. We’re collaborating on a lot now: children and careers. It was perfect!”

“House with a View” is the first single off Cyn’s upcoming album, which she says features both a “droney, chanty, poppy” sound, along with “summertime youth guitars that feel so indicative of growth and change.” With its “uplifty, sunshiny feel,” the LP has been her way of processing the dramatic changes in her life over the last few years: being 26 pre-pandemic, living alone in a studio in downtown L.A. to “now suddenly being rushed into motherhood and also step-motherhood.” (Her fiancé shares two sons with actress Jaime King, who filed for divorce from Newman in 2020.)

“Kyle is navigating his last relationship while we start a family together. It’s all, as anyone can assume, been very, very stressful,” she says. “This album has been a testament to my growth. And the way I’ve evolved into this 29-year-old self. I get to reflect and get through these crazy fucking times because of my music. It’s so healthy for me.”

With her one-year-old baby Etienne, an album on the way, and an avid supporter like Perry backing her up, Cyn is prepping for a second half of 2022 filled with positivity and change. “I feel like she’s picked me out of suburban obscurity and said, ‘I believe in what you do, and I’m going to help you do it,’ ” says Cyn of Perry. “I pinch myself every day. I could start crying while talking about it right now.”


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