July 23, 2024


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“What Good is Therapy Going to Do Me?”

“What Good is Therapy Going to Do Me?”

When it is suggested that someone might want to seek therapy for their problems the most common response is, “What good is sitting around talking to a therapist going to do me?” Well that is a good question.

Talking to a therapist is not going to remove your pain or change the unhappy events of the past. A therapist cannot change the other people in your life. Nor can s/he tell you how to change them either.

Therapy can and will provide a safe environment to vent your anger and say the things you just need to say. It is safe because you will be given the right of confidentiality and unconditional positive regard.

Your therapist will be a supportive listener. Someone who can help you look at your problems from different perspectives. Someone you can brain storm with to define and solve dilemmas. Talking with a therapist helps you to gain insight into your behaviors and emotions. Which will aid you in making real life changes. S/he just might have a few good suggestions on how to make those changes and implement them into your life. Working with a therapist can help you develop new coping skills, which improve your ability to deal with the difficulties of life. While your just sitting around talking you might become well educated in life skills that will help you to develop more effective communication, better problem solving skills, and improve impulse control. S/he might also be able to advise you on how to find other services you might have need of.

Therapy may help you make changes in how you function and the way you feel. It cannot create instant change in you or for you. It can however, be a great place to do the hard, dedicated work that is required for personal change.