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What the Sedgwick County Zoo’s animals eat, what it prices

Sedgwick County Zoo employee Joey Pepoon feeds a carrot to Speed, an Aldabra tortoise. (June 5, 2019)

Sedgwick County Zoo staff Joey Pepoon feeds a carrot to Velocity, an Aldabra tortoise. (June 5, 2019)

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The animals at the Sedgwick County Zoo try to eat a whole lot of food stuff, and they eat properly. Govt director Jeff Ettling claims he’s often astonished when men and women presume that the animals get foodstuff human beings have turned down. On the opposite: The zoo feeds its residents substantial-high quality foodstuff that will preserve them healthy.

But that’s not low-cost. Right here are some stats on what the zoo spends on foods for its 4,000 inhabitants and how a lot of sure objects they go through each year.

2021 Sedgwick County Zoo Commissary spending

Produce: $252,000

Frozen fish: $88,000

Frozen meat: $65,000

Grains: $144,504

Invertebrates: $52,000

This 12 months, the zoo will go by way of around

  • 58,760 apples

  • 20,800 lbs of bananas

  • 49,920 heads of romaine lettuce

  • 31,200 kilos of carrots

  • 18,720 difficult-boiled eggs

  • 6,240 pounds of kale

  • 24,960 lbs of sweet potatoes

  • 1,118,000 crickets

  • 4,160,000 mealworms

Supply: Sedgwick County Zoo

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