May 30, 2024


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Doing Away with Back Pain Complications

Imagine you must bear a muscle aching to a burning sensation when experiencing back pain. This pain can be so severe that it might radiate down your legs. Back pain affects a more significant population of Americans. Nonetheless, you individually might be a victim of this health problem, and as a result, it is crucial to opt for solutions to end this mystery. San Antonio back pain practices ranging from medications, therapy, surgical, and other procedures can help you. However, before sorting for help, you should know more about these practices that end your back pain.


1.                  OTC pain medicines

The specialist will prescribe the drugs to the most of your advantage and avoid negative cases that most people undergo due to improper usage of these drugs. These drugs help reduce back pain significantly, for instance, the NSAIDs drugs.

2.                  Skeletal muscle relaxants

These drugs are usually suitable for a short-period treatment of back pain. They usually include baclofen, carisoprodol, cyclobenzaprine, and tizanidine, which all function toward one aim.  

3.                  Topical analgesic

This type of medication is typically put into practice when a gel rubbing is put onto your body surfaces, for instance, your skin at times at your tissue layer, to treat the back pain. There is a custom range of analgesics, for instance, opioids.

4.                  Narcotic drugs

These drugs function by attaching themselves to pain receptors in the brain, thus preventing the feeling of back pain. The receptors acquire chemical signaling sent to you and aid in creating the sensation of pain.

5.                  Antidepressants      

The antidepressant drugs mainly function to increase the vertebra’s neurotransmitters that reduce back pain.


The therapy increases your flexibility, strengthens your abdominal and back muscles, and improves posture. However, it is ideal for lower back pain.


1.                  Epidural steroid injections

The cortisone injection is an anti-inflammatory drug that relieves a few forms of the low back and can help you progress with rehab and exercise. The injection mainly decreases inflammation around the nerve roots.

2.                  Radiofrequency neurotomy

This procedure uses radio waves that generate heat to aim at specific nerves and temporarily de-energize their capacity to send pain signals.

3.                  Nerve stimulators implants

This device sends low electrical impulses to the spine to relieve pain. The device implantation is usually under the skin.

4.                  Surgery

Back surgery is a procedure that targets to alter your anatomy. This surgery removes the ruptured intervertebral disc that causes back pain providing relief.

Fortunately for you, the Castle Hills Family Practice does not only provide an effective solution to your problem, depending on your case. In addition to their core objective of seeing you return to your initial state before the back pain complications. The team of physicians, healthcare providers, and physician associates gives you anticipation care to assist you in avoiding another pain relating to your back. Then why wait? Call the San Antonio area office or even schedule your appointment online immediately. The back pain specialist is ready to help you and fully understand the back pain complications you experience.