May 17, 2024


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Is Low Protein Cat Food Beneficial In Kidney Disease?

Low protein cat food is widely recommended for cats with kidney disease (or kd as some like to call it). However, this is an assumption made by vets that has no basis in research or science. No scientific studies have been conducted to show this to be helpful.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is extremely damaging to the health of cats and often leads to their early demise. Following such advice, I killed a cat many years ago. Now I don’t follow the advice of vets. I look to Nature for my answers. And she never fails, although I may not always fully understand.

It’s a pity a cat had to die before I learned my lesson, but I did learn it well.

Very few vets, probably none conventional, understand cats properly. They don’t understand that cats are true carnivores. They are not omnivores and certainly they are not herbivores.

Carnivores live exclusively on good quality meat derived from their prey. They don’t top up on vegetable matter as dogs can, in times of famine. Their body systems have sacrificed the ability to cope with the complexities of digesting plant based food, in the interest of a light body frame that allows for agility.

A light and agile body can hunt and pounce noiselessly, an attribute essential for lone hunters as cats are.

The vast majority of commercial cat food is produced cheaply, for the good of the companies profit.The health of your cat doesn’t come into the equation. Meat is not cheap, even the cheapest. But cheap food is available in the form of grain and other plant based food that have been deemed unfit for human consumption. Or that comes from countries who care even less, such as China.

It is this food, with its high content of plant based foods that is the cause of most of the kidney disease in cats. To further reduce the protein shows a complete lack of understanding of feline health in the advisor.

What you need to do to address this common ailment in cats is to feed a high protein cat food.

Cats with any form of future kidney disease will start to show signs of painful urination, blood in the urine or not being able to urinate at all. The vet treats this with antibiotics, which doesn’t address the cause at all.

Usually crystals are found in the urine sample.

The diet of (already, but now further decreased) low protein cat food continues, and so the kidney or renal deterioration continues.

Cats evolved on a diet of high protein cat food. This is the only diet that keeps them healthy. If there is any form of carbohydrate, grain or other plant based food in their diet, you can guarantee they are heading for a chronic disease, often kidney or other renal problems.

Don’t be lured into thinking a cat with kidney problems will fair better on a low protein cat food. They won’t, whoever advises you, however much you like or trust them. Reason it out logically for yourself.