April 20, 2024


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Don’t Trash It: Recreate it!


I was just lately a guest on Dr. Joan Salge Blake’s podcast: Place On! We chatted about uncomplicated ways to reduce your personal foodstuff waste.

Why are we throwing absent so substantially foodstuff?

I consider in some cases food waste takes place as a result of excellent intentions. Probably it is a scenario where you are “trying to eat healthier” so you buy a bunch of fresh veggies. But then you don’t actually cook dinner and try to eat them. Other instances it is basically lack of preparing or a glitch in your agenda. Milk goes sour, spinach rots, fruit will get moldy. Even so, you may well also locate that you are buying far more food than you have an fast want for.

Leftover Makeover: Bake contemporary potatoes and stuff them with leftovers like shredded chicken or chili. Garnish with salsa, sour product or cheese.

What items are most often wasted?

Fruits and greens, together with refreshing meats and dairy goods, leading the checklist for food items waste. Cheese may perhaps get moldy, milk may possibly go bitter (but you can however cook dinner or bake with it if it is not curdled. And, you can freeze cheese). If you really don’t use new meats within just two times of buy, freeze it. Generate like bananas, leafy greens, potatoes and fresh herbs major the checklist for wasted generate.

Location fresh basil in a vase of water then refrigerator to use afterwards.

In this article are a handful of of the tips we spoke about in the podcast episode:

  • How to use your freezer greater
  • Wasting considerably less cafe leftovers
  • How zero waste cooking can enable your food items finances go farther
  • How to shop fresh new develop and other merchandise
  • How to salvage the most-generally tossed products
  • How to give leftovers a makeover

You can find out additional about foodstuff waste and zero squander cooking in my ebook. Be sure to examine out the podcast episode to understand additional!



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