June 25, 2024


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Get Back on Track with Effective Sports Injury Treatments

It is easy to get a sports injury, and anyone, whether a child or an adult, is at the risk of developing one. This state can prevent you from going about your normal activities or participating in your favorite sports. Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine treatments can help you recover quickly and get back on track with your normal activities.

What is a sports injury?

A sports injury happens during a sporting activity or while performing a physical activity such as an exercise. This injury may arise from risk factors like not being active, playing contact sports, and lack of proper warmup before an exercise.

What are the types of sports injuries?

There are several sports injuries you may get; these may include:

·                     Knee injury

This injury affects the movement of your knee joints. It can either be a tear or overstretching of muscles in your knee.

·                     Sprains

This injury results from either a tear or overstretching of the ligaments, tissue connecting two bones to a joint.

·                     Fractures

This type of injury happens when a bone gets hit by too much pressure than it can handle, causing a broken bone. It can occur in different places or on several pieces of bone.

Other types of sports injury may be dislocations, neck and back pains, strains, and shin splints.

What is the diagnosis and treatment of a sports injury?

Your doctor may first have to ask questions regarding the cause of the injury and how you feel, then carry out a comprehensive physical examination to see the intensity of the injury. You may have to do some movements so the doctor can see how it is moving. Then they can carry out different tests, including CT scans and X-rays, to help confirm the diagnosis. Your doctor might recommend an easy treatment method for a minor sports injury. These treatments include getting plenty of rest, using ice to reduce swelling, compressing the area of injury, and elevating the area experiencing an injury; this helps reduce pain and swelling. Other treatments you can access are:

·                     Platelet-rich plasma

This treatment aims to encourage healing. Your doctor may inject the PRP into the tissues of the injured area. This injection will prompt the body to develop healthy cells, thus fastening healing.

·                     Lipogems Adipose Therapy

This therapy works by using fat cells from your body to cover the damaged area. This treatment is effective for chronic pains and injuries if you do not want surgery and other procedures.

·                     Physical therapy

This care program emphasizes pain control, strength, endurance, and balance, depending on your goals. This treatment can include actual manual therapy, exercise, or traction. The therapy aims to help you resume your normal activities in the safest way possible.

Other easy steps to prevent sports injury may be:

·                     Using the right equipment

·                     Stretch

·                     Use correct stances and postures

Your doctor may recommend that you resume your activities slowly instead of nursing the injury for long, which may deter quick healing.

If you experience any sports injury and seek treatment, call Genesis Orthopedic and Spine or book an appointment online for any inquiries.