April 20, 2024


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List of International Health Insurance for Expats in Denmark

Healthcare System for Expats in Denmark - Expat Financial

Denmark is said to be among the top happiest nations globally. Known to be the home of the hygge concept, this is no surprise. Brand reviews in Denmark show that there is adequate security, job opportunities, and a flexible work-life equation. These are other things that make Denmark great for foreigners.

The healthcare system in the country is also a notable aspect. There are adequate medical personnel, a great presence, and the use of modern technology. However, as a foreigner, you need insurance coverage for your health to help reduce the cost of medical services in the country. 

The country’s health insurance is regarded as one of the best in the world due to the government’s adequate funding of public hospitals. However, the type of medical insurance you will get as a foreigner depends on your needs. Here is a list of available health insurance for foreigners in Denmark.

Expat health insurance

Expat health insurance is provided for foreigners in a country to help them access proper health care at a subsidized rate. Health companies in Denmark also facilitate such insurance for foreigners in the country. With expat health insurance in Denmark, you can enjoy the public health care system like the country’s citizens. This includes cancer treatments, emergency evacuation and transportation, specialist consultation, maternity, dental coverage, and more.

Types of coverage provided by expat health insurance in Denmark

International health insurance

This insurance helps you to cover sudden health emergencies, health monitoring, and continuous treatment of serious ailments wherever you are in the world. Therefore, your international health insurance should cover you even if you leave Denmark for another country. But if your insurance provider doesn’t cover that country or region, taking medical travel insurance will be the next best alternative.

Expat life and disability insurance

This insurance helps expats during difficult misfortunes such as death, accident, or absence from work due to sickness. Expat life and disability coverage largely seek to reduce or eliminate the impact of such events. Most of these situations will prevent you from earning an income as you would be unfit to continue working for some time.

Travel Insurance

This insurance provides coverage against financial losses due to health emergencies and accidents when you travel. If your international health insurance does not cover these aspects due to its lack of coverage in a specific region, you will have to undertake separate travel insurance.

Evacuation insurance

Medical evacuation insurance helps to cover the need for urgent transportation to an appropriate medical facility for severe occurrences such as sudden critical ailment and fatal injuries requiring quick attention.

Group expat insurance

Group expat insurance is international insurance that offers medical coverage for a specific group of people. This group can be members of an institution, employees of a firm on a mission, etc.


It is important that you have international medical insurance as a foreigner in Denmark, as it will help alleviate the cost of getting medical attention when there is a need. The types of international medical cover have been described above, and we hope you find them useful.