March 31, 2023


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Would You Like to Be Happy and Successful? You Can, It’s Your Birthright!

The more I hear and see in today’s coaching and personal development business the more I am in awe about the two teachers who were most instrumental in shaping my own life. Everyday, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to Dae Pop Sa Nim, my Zen Master of ten years and Jann Weiss, the founder and creator of the Weiss Transformation Processes with whom I have been working since 1995. What both their teachings had in common was, that all we ever need and want to know is within us and not outside of us – and, to uncover this great being, is our choice, not our destiny. Our Higher Self, our Soul, has a plan for us for this lifetime, however, it is up to us to follow this plan or not. It is our choice. In fact, our life is made up of nothing but a sequence of choices whether we are aware of them or not.

When 95% and more of our decisions are being made by our subconscious mind and other inherent programs running within us it is pretty safe to say that we live our life by default programming and not by our consciously made choices.

Our environment and the people who surround us reflect the choices we have made in the past, to arrive at where we are today. Here is a little checklist for you to see where you stand:

What are the events in my life telling me about myself?

  • Do I get out of bed excited and happy to be alive, ready to rock ‘n roll?
  • Do I look forward to the day that lies ahead of me?

What are the people in my life telling me about aspects of myself?

  • Are the people around me loving, compassionate, nurturing, authentic, fun to be with?

What is my financial situation telling me about who I am?

  • How I deal with money tells me how I deal with all other aspects in my life. Money is an exchange for energy I give out.
  • Do I invest my energy in keeping up with the Johnsons, trying to avoid loss or never have enough of it? How do I invest my energy?

What is my career telling me about who I am? Since everything in this Universe is made of energy, how do I spend my time, my energy? Do I spend my time doing something I enjoy and which fulfills me, or something I just do in order to pay the bills?

We know that whatever we pay attention to will grow. When we want to have something we never had before, we have to focus on be(coming) someone we never were before. Also, remember, our Higher Self does have a plan for us. To discover this plan, is our primary purpose of this lifetime. To discover our true authentic Self is our journey in this lifetime, and consists of our infinite process of change and transformation.

When one part of our life is out of balance it affects all other areas negatively as well?

Therefore, a healthy balance between body, spirit and soul is the prerogative for a successful and prosperous and happy life.