June 18, 2024


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Ways to Reduce the Risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Workplace Tips to Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Crescent City Orthopedics:  Orthopedic Surgeons

There have been increased cases of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). CTS is a condition where there is a compression of the median nerve that passes in the hand. This condition can affect your fingers’ sensation and affect their movement. However, the main problem is that most people ignore the pain at the early stages and seek medical attention when the condition has worsened. East Brunswick carpal tunnel needs attention like any other disease; high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid dysfunctions, and fractures or trauma to the wrist increase its risks. The following are ways you can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Carry out exercises

Carrying out physical activities will help to reduce carpal tunnel symptoms. For example, you should engage in activities such as jogging, swimming, and biking since it helps to boost muscle resilience. Furthermore, exercises help attain weight loss which is one of the risks of carpal tunnel. Besides, you can employ hand exercises that will involve nerve and tendon gliding. Besides, carrying the outstretches of the fingers and the wrist where you pull them back for approximately 20 seconds three times a day will reduce the risk.

Give a break for your wrist

In most cases, the CTS occurs due to repetitive hand activities. Most of these activities, such as typing and writing, are usually wrist intensive and can cause a twist in your hand when you conduct them for a long time. It would help to note the specific activity that contributes to the problem. After identifying that activity, you should take a break or the modification measures until the symptoms reduce. When the symptoms reduce after having a break, you can return to normal activities.

Wear a wrist brace

Wrist braces play a crucial role in reducing CTS pain. Wearing a wrist brace helps achieve stability in the affected wrist, ensuring that it is neutral. When selecting the brace to wear, you should choose the structured one since they help maintain the wrist in firm positions and minimize unnecessary mobility. Furthermore, when you engage in wrist-intensive tasks, you should wear a splint while sleeping, thus helping your hand relieve pressure for the longest period. It would help to elevate the wrist brace while sleeping to reduce swelling associated with CTS pain.

Use ice pads and a cold bath

One of the major causes of CTS pain is inflammation. When you have inflammation in your wrist, you can use ice pads. Essentially, applying the ice pads to the swollen area helps reduce inflammation, relieving the pain. Also, you can dip the swollen wrist in a cold bath for about fifteen minutes each day. The cold therapies are effective when reducing the CTS pain that is associated with inflammation.

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