February 21, 2024


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4 Reasons to Visit Your Dental Hygienist

Good and healthy teeth are a great asset; they boost your self-confidence and enhance your appearance. But healthy teeth may not occur naturally; you need to observe oral hygiene practices to preserve your pearly whites. Visiting your dentist is one of the dental hygiene practices you should follow, but most people don’t prioritize dental visits, some due to dental anxiety and fear. However, visiting your Temecula dental hygienist is essential for several reasons. They include:

1.      Prevent future issues

During routine visits, your dental hygienist can spot and address concerns that could turn into severe problems in the future. For example, if your gums are not in good shape, your provider may recommend treatment to prevent gum recession. Treating a small cavity can also help prevent tooth decay which causes tooth loss. If you have a plaque build-up on the surface of your teeth, your provider cleans your teeth to remove the plaque and prevent tartar build-up. Your dental hygienist also screens your head, neck, and mouth to identify problems that could spiral out of control, such as oral cancer.

2.      Save your teeth

Regular or routine dental checkups allow your dental hygienist to treat tooth decay, eliminating the need for extraction. As you may know, you only have one set of adult teeth so permanent tooth loss can be detrimental to your overall oral health. Tooth loss causes various problems; for example, it alters your appearance and limits your food. Over time, teeth may shift in your mouth, causing discomfort and changing your smile. Therefore, visiting your dental hygienist can help you treat tooth decay and prevent tooth extraction.

3.      Learn good dental hygiene

It is no surprise that many people are not informed about dental hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing teeth. Most people do not floss and only brush their teeth once a day; it may not seem like a problem, but it can eventually cause problems such as gum disease. During a routine visit with your dental hygienist, you will learn to care for your mouth effectively. Your dental hygienist guides you on how to brush and floss your teeth and stresses the importance of doing so. You also understand how diet affects your oral health; your dental hygienist may also make recommendations to help you select toothbrushes and other oral devices.

4.      Have a nice smile

A beautiful smile may seem like a shallow reason to visit your dental hygienist, but it has numerous advantages that come with it. No one wants to hide their teeth while smiling due to imperfections such as discoloration or tooth decay. Having a bright and beautiful smile comes from regular cleanings and following your dentist’s advice on caring for your teeth. Your provider may recommend treatment or cosmetic procedures during a routine dental visit to give you a perfect smile. For example, orthodontic treatment may help align your teeth, and teeth whitening can make your teeth several shades brighter.

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