June 22, 2024


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Everything you need to know concerning the causes and treatment options available for shoulder pain

Shoulder pain: causes, symptoms and treatment

Since the shoulder joint is the most active and mobile in the body, it is prone to injuries. That is why most people complain of shoulder pain which can be quite serious in that it can prevent you from participating in your daily chores. Therefore, if you are experiencing shoulder pain and are interested in seeking relief, Westfield shoulder pain specialists provide a solution to your problem. The qualified and experienced specialists offer natural chiropractic treatments to alleviate shoulder pain and restore the function of your shoulder. Below is all you are required to know concerning shoulder pain.

What causes shoulder pain?

Your shoulder joint is typically an example of the ball-and-socket joint. It is usually referred to as glenohumeral because the humerus, the upper arm bone, assumes the shape of a ball and sits on the hollow part of your shoulder bone, often referred to as the socket. The shape of your humerus and shoulder bone gives your shoulder joint a wide range of motion. And since your shoulder joint is the most active, it is prone to tear and wear. Generally, there are various causes of shoulder pain, but they are grouped into four broad categories.

·         Arthritis

Generally, osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis that attacks your shoulder, causing pain. It is mostly related to playing sports, chronic tear, and wear or physical activity. Arthritis causes symptoms like swelling, pain, and stiffness.

·         Tendon inflammation or tears

A sudden injury can cause a tendon tear or can be due to overuse of your tendon secondary to physical activity or sports. Your shoulder joint’s most common tendon tears are bicep and rotator cuff injuries.

·         Dislocation

It occurs when the top of your humerus is forced out of its socket due to overuse of the shoulder or a sudden injury.

·         Fractures

A fracture typically refers to a broken bone. The common shoulder fractures include upper arm bone—shoulder blade, and collarbone.

How is shoulder pain treated?

During your initial appointment, your healthcare provider will inquire more information about your medical history and your shoulder pain symptoms. He then performs a comprehensive physical examination to assess what is causing your pain and the range of motion of your shoulder. Therefore, if your caregiver finds out that your shoulder is dislocated, he recommends gentle chiropractic adjustments to help restore the ligaments of your shoulder joint. Your upper back and neck can also be adjusted to reduce shoulder pain. Your health care specialist can also offer therapeutic massage to ease your shoulders and neck tension. Therapeutic exercise also helps rebuild your mobility and strength of your shoulder.

How can you prevent shoulder pain?

Most health care professionals recommend daily exercises to help loosen the tension of the shoulder muscles and increase your range of motion and flexibility to prevent shoulder injuries. They also educate you on the effective exercise to engage in to prevent worsening your symptoms or injury.

Shoulder pain can prevent you from taking part in your daily chores effectively because your range of motion is reduced. Therefore, if you are experiencing shoulder pain and you are seeking relief, you can get started by calling or consulting Eric White, DC, today.